Tellerhäuser Underground Mine, Germany

100kt JORC compliant resource. Multiple development options available.

  • Tellerhäuser is an Indo Gold project, vended into Treliver Minerals Ltd (now Anglo Saxony Mining – ASM) in 2013
  • Indo Gold now has a shareholding of 18.8% in ASM
  • Extensive sub-horizontal skarn and schist layers contain polymetallic mineralization dominated by tin, indium, zinc and silver; Very extensively drilled-out 1970-80s under GDR regime
  • A breakthrough in metallurgical understanding paves the way for a low capex, higher grade, low environmental impact project.
  • ASM has upgraded 100kt of contained tin in the 270kt former Soviet tin inventory to JORC compliant
  • Indo Gold’s acquisition and generation costs: $1.1m
  • Existing infrastructure dramatically reduces capex estimates and accelerates development and permitting

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